We examine the current state of technology and look for the right sensor solution for your challenge.


With our hardware and software experience we accompany you during the entire development process of sensor systems. We carry out the development of functional models and prototypes and at the end of the process we transfer the know-how to your company.


With our algorithm experts, we develop intelligent algorithms which make such small and affordable applications even possible.


We develop rapid-prototyping system for you which allow us to examine the feasibility of a new technology in a methodical way.


We conduct in-house seminars on the subject of sensors. A successful concept is the seminar “Sensors for beginners”, which offer non-technicians an easy entry into he field of sensors.


The haitecon GmbH researches and develops in the field of inertial object tracking. This results in applications for object tracking and motion analysis on the basis of miniaturized low-cost acceleration, angular rate and magnetic field sensors. These so-called MEMS inertial sensors are sensors which work for themselves without external reference. The sensors, with which Haitecon GmbH works, come originally from the airbag industry.

These inertial sensors are used to track objects in space. For example, the acceleration is measured. Then, through double integration of the sensors signal, you can get the speed and position of an object, person or tool in a room. In addition to the accelerationsensors, rotational speed sensors are used. Gyroscopes are also inertial sensors and also work for themselves, but they measure rotation speeds. These sensors can measure for example the orientation change of an object, even though the position remains the same.

The haitecon Gmbh is no sensor developers. The actual work of haitecon GmbH lies in the development of algorithms to make this type of sensors usable and applicable. These sensor are used to track objects in areas where camera- or radio based systems don’t work or are too expensive.

So the haitecon GmbH develops applications in the fields of industry 4.0, Internet of Things, smart home, smart grid and acticity in Daily Living.

The haitecon GmbH works in this field very close with the Competence Center for Applied Sensor Systems (CCASS) in Darmstadt.