The haitecon gmbh is a LabVIEWConsultant and Alliance Partner of National Instruments. Because of its high training experience, the haitecon gmbh is the ideal partner to assist in the development of proprietary software architectures, software frameworks and coding guidelines. These are usually developed in the context of architecture workshops.

Based on the results of the architectural workshop, the haitecon gmbh develops customized workshop and seminar concepts for the implementation through in-house trainings. Through this, participants efficiently receive LabVIEW knowledge based on the customer specific software-framework and coding guidelines. With this goal-oriented method, new employees are not only introduced to LabVIEW programming, but also brought up with the company-specific programming guidelines.

Furtermore, haitecon gmbh is available on short notice for implementation support with CLA– and CLDcertified staff up to a full application development.

Based on experience in the field of innovation– and strategy management, you can develop your LabVIEW strategy together with haitecon gmbh and you are accompanied through the complete rollout.

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As a LabVIEW Consultant and Alliance Partner of National Instruments, and thanks to its vast experience in safety-critical applications and large LabVIEW competence, haitecon gmbh is the ideal partner to assist you in the conception, development, implementation and verification of LabVIEW applications for safety-critical areas. This enables you to create together with us LabVIEW software solutions for the automation, automotive, medical, and avionics area.

Based on the experience of the haitecon gmbh in the field of innovation– and strategy management, we can jointly develop your LabVIEW safety strategy as well as support you on a long term through the rollout.

This process the haitecon gmbh is accompanied by the world’s only LabVIEW Competence Center For High Assurance System Development (LabVIEW CAS) in Darmstadt. This center of excellence was awarded in 2015 by National Instruments.


As a LabVIEW Consultant and Alliance Partner of National Instruments, and with our certified LabVIEW Architects (CLAs), we carry out architecture workshops at companies. In the process we develop company-specific frameworks and coding guidelines, which are the basis of efficient enterprise-wide software development.

Out of the requirements of the test-applications we locally moderate and extract similarities through an innovation process together with experts, so that at the end a company-specific architecture exists, which can be used for future testing and as a base for test applications.

At the beginning of the workshop, certain topics regarding LabVIEW programming can be worked out in form of a crash-course as an entry point.


As a LabVIEW Consultant with our Certified LabVIEW Architects (CLAs) and Certified LabVIEW developers (CLDs) we conduct customer specific LabVIEW training courses.

At these courses the topics of the National Instruments training Core 1, Core 2 and Core 3 are treated. Through a customer oriented course, it is possible to steer the contents to the company-specific architecture that was developed at the architecture course. Through this new didactic approach, the training reaches high levels of efficiency.


As LabVIEW Consultant, with our Certified LabVIEW Architect (CLA), we analyze your software solutions and search together with you for possible optimization.


We support your software development through our Certified LabVIEW Developers (CLDs) as freelancers or we develop a complete LabVIEW software solution.

As part of our support we can take over the complete requirements-gathering and project management tasks. In addition, we offer besides an introduction training for software applications also a know-how transfer up to a source code handover.